The Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics of JOANNEUMRESEARCH engages with innovative technologies and tackles challenging R&D obstacles in modern robotics. The ROBOTICS TRAINING CENTER (RTC) was created to address the current demands of economy and industry for further education in the robotics sector. The institutes existing expertise will equip you with the specific know-how necessary to improve your problem-solving as well as prepare you optimally for future challenges. To be one step ahead of your competitors, you do not only need highly trained expert staff, but also a management that understands how to successfully guide technical personnel and makes the right decisions.


The RTC offers the opportunity to extend and broaden your knowledge on the complex subject of robotics. Take advantage of our training packages, which are custom-tailored to particular  audiences, and benefit from our experiences!

Training areas

Our training range encompasses the following areas:

  • Competence in decision-making for robot technology
  • Application of modern robot systems
  • Safety in human-robot collaboration
  • Information technology in robotics
  • Machine intelligence in the context of robotics
  • Robot programming
  • Mathematical tools in robotics


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